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Moving Tips


PLAN AHEAD- Summer time is the busiest time of the year for movers.  In addition, the beginning and end of each month are traditionally busier than mid-month, regardless of the season.  If you are planning to move during one of these times, plan well in advance so we can accomodate your schedule. 


PACKING - Proper packing by a trained packer is using specially designed cartons and materials is crucial to a good move.  Schedule packing a day or two before the moving truck is loaded.  If you are packing yourself, it is never too soon to start. Unless you have arranged for us to pack you, you should be packed and ready to go on moving day.  While packing yourself can save money, movers will not usually accept liability for damage to items packed by owners. 


Be present when your goods are packed.  For interstate moving- an inventory of your goods will be made and it is important to resolve any disagreements prior to signing the inventory.  Make sure all copies are legible and all items are numbered.  Have valuable items listed separately  Some appliances may require servicing prior to move.  Your mover can schedule these services for you.


There are several options for insuring your goods.  All household goods shipments move under limited liability both on local and long distance moves.  However, you may purchase additional liability coverage from your mover.



* Be on hand when the movers arrive.

* Discuss the delivery arrangements fully.

* Have beds stripped and ready to be packed.

* Save your energy - let the moving crew disassemble goods.

* Read the Bill of Lading before you sign it.

* Tell your mover how to reach you at your destination.

* Keep in contact with the mover's agent while you are in transit.

* There are several scenarios that can extend an average move time.  Factors such as multiple flights of stairs, elevators, long-distance carries to /from the truck can all extend the time it takes to finish the job. So, if you can inform the salesman or crew of anything such as this at destination, the salesman/crew can make preparations in advance.


DELIVERY - Generally your belongings will be transported in the truck along with those of other families heading in the same general direction if relocating out of state.  Delivery is made on any of the several consecutive days agreed upon before the move began.  Make sure the mover knows how to contact your to schedule actual delivery.  If you cannot be reached at destination, the mover may place your shipment in storage to avoid delaying other shipments.  This can mean additional charges for storage and handling.


Upon delivery, check your goods for damage.   Make notations on the inventory form in the appropriate column if damage is discovered.






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